Datacard SP25 Plus ID Card Printers

The Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer is designed for small and medium businesses in need of an affordable solution to print ID cards and badges on demand.

The Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer comes standard with single-sided and rewritable printing capabilities. Insert a rewritable card into the printer and it will fully erase and rewrite it in just over 12 seconds! Reuse the same card up to 500 times for stunning results at a low cost per card.

The Datacard SP25 Plus prints monochrome text and images on rewritable cards, but can also be used as a full-color machine on standard PVC cards. Flexible and cost-effective, the Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer will bring value to your card issuance process.



The Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer is a one-stop solution to issue highly secure badges on the spot:

  • One-sided edge-to-edge rewritable printing
  • Single-feed printer
  • USB connection
  • Rewritable printing: 12.4 seconds per card (full card erase and rewrite)
  • Integrated card holder stores 15 cards (30 mil - 0.76 mm)
  • Continuous cleaning roller
  • Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista®, Windows® XP, Windows® 2003 Server, and Windows® 2008 Server supported on printer driver version 4.0 / Windows® 2000 supported by printer driver version 2.0 / Datacard® Open Platform printer driver for non-Windows platforms
  • Optional encoding options: magnetic, smart contact and contactless
  • 2-year warranty on printer and printhead

The Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer uses special rewritable cards that include a clear layer of heat-sensitive material. Variations of temperature enable the printer to erase the card and then rewrite information on it.

Rewritable card printers do not need a print ribbon: the printhead comes into direct contact with the card surface to heat each pixel of the card. The same card can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times before image quality starts deteriorating.

Rewritable card printing is monochromatic: all the pixels on a rewritable card are the same hue. Rewritable cards are personalized in high resolution (300dpi), perfect to print pictures, graphics and text.

Rewritable cards with magnetic stripes are available to create multi-feature badges. This option is particularly used to issue secure visitor badges or other temporary access control badges.

Rewritable cards should only be handled by the edges as fingerprints, skin oils and residue can reflect on your cards. Some rewritable cards feature a side with a matte finish to identify easily which side is rewritable.

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