What to do After Ordering an ID Badge Printer

You just placed an order for an ID Badge printer. Now What? You have taken the first step towards a more efficient and safer workplace. What’s the next step? An ID badge printer is virtually useless unless you have the appropriate supplies to accompany it. Here are some things you want to consider purchasing in order to get the maximum printing experience:

  • ID Software – This software allows you to design your cards. It is extremely important as you will not be able to format your cards or put certain information on your cards without it

  • PVC Cards – Put together an estimate of how many cards you will need a year and order them with your printer. About one to two months before you are set to run out, put in a reorder so you will not risk running out.

  • Ribbon – Always keep extra ribbons on hand so you won’t experience any outages with your printer.

  • Cleaning Kit – Cleaning kits are extremely important when it comes to maintaining your printers health. It is much more cost efficient to buy a cleaning kit now than to pay for a new printer later.

  • ID Printer Dust Cover – This keeps dust and other small particles from getting into your printer and building up when it’s not in use.

  • ID Camera – Digital cameras allow you to take professional looking pictures for all your employee’s. A professional picture puts out a good company image!

  • Lanyard, Badge Reel, Etc – Helps protect against lost or misplaced cards and allows you and your employee’s to wear the company badges with pride. You have the option of customizing lanyards with your company name and logo to promote brand recognition and company pride.

  • Badge Holder – Protects your ID card from damage and allows your to carry more than one card at a time.

  • Slot Punch – Makes it easy to attach your badge to a lanyard or badge reel.

  • Extended Warranty – Protecting your investment with an extended warranty is a good idea especially with costly devices like badge printers.

  • Data Capture Devices –These allow you to read barcodes, magnetic strips, or users fingerprints.

Once the Printer is Received

Once you have received your printer, you have to make sure that all the supplies and accessories that should be included with your purchase are packaged with your printer. Carefully look over all the supplies and make sure nothing was damaged in the shipping process. If anything appears to be missing or damaged, call IDSecurityOnline right away at (800)-897-7024.

If everything is in place, you should work on finding a location in your office that is accessible to everyone that will be using the printer. It is extremely important that you do not keep your printer in a high-risk area like near a heat source (a radiator, or direct sunlight) or an area prone to dust build up, vibration, or shock.

Download the printer driver onto any computers that will be using the printer. Make sure to thoroughly read the instruction manual before using your printer. This manual will give you printer specific instructions on how to install ribbons and load your blank cards. In some cases, if instructions are not properly followed, your machine may malfunction and your warranty will be voided. It is always a good idea to print a test card once you have installed your machine so you can verify that it is in working order and you are able to familiarize yourself with the printing process.

If you feel that you or any of your employee’s need assistance with learning about the machine or accompanying software, feel free to schedule an appointment for our training program. All training is done via phone or web by one of our highly knowledgeable printer specialists.

So now you have your supplies and your printer has been installed. Now It’s time to consider what you want to put on your company ID badges. Before coming up with a design for your badges, you should think about what information you want to display on your badges and work on a layout that caters to the information. Keep the information displayed on the card simple. Excessive data makes the card look disorganized and is going to be a hassle for security personnel to authenticate. Also make sure not to put any sensitive information on the card such as a Social Security number so that identity theft is not an issue should the card become lost or stolen.

Essentials that should be included on every card are as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Cardholder name
  • Cardholder photo
  • Company Contact information

Here is some additional information that you might want to include either on the front or back of the card:

  • Space for cardholders signature
  • Title of cardholder
  • A visual ID marker such as a HoloMark seal
  • Security access level
  • Cardholder title
  • Barcode
  • Directions for returning a lost card
  • Cardholders identification information (DOB, height, eye color, gender, etc.)

This information should get you up to speed on starting up an ID badge program in your office. If you have any questions, feel free to call and a member of our team at (800)-897-7024 will be more than happy to assist you.

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