IDSecurityOnline Blog Goes Green with GreenChip Electronic Waste Solutions

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with GreenChip Electronic Waste Solutions, an industry leader in sustainable and responsible electronics recycling, to recycle ID Card Printers and help divert electronic waste from landfills.

Massive amounts of electronic waste, or e-waste are being generated at an alarming rate. E-waste currently represents 70% of America's overall toxic waste trash in landfills. Some materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, can be toxic and contaminate the environment.

Get a FREE consultation with an ID expert!

Get a FREE consultation with an ID expert!

Buying an ID card solution is a significant investment for many organizations. Purchasing the right ID card printer is the first step to building a successful ID Card program.

Your company is unique and so are your needs. Whether you are looking to print employee IDs to keep your staff safe and secure, access control badges to protect your assets, or loyalty cards to increase your sales, we will provide you with a solution that meets your requirements.

My first purchase of an ID card printer - 4/5

At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. In this fourth post, Patricia finds out more about the different ribbons that an ID card printer uses.

“Evidently, ID Card printers don’t use a standard ink cartridge that laser and inkjet printers do. ID Card printers use ribbons, which are plastic cartridges with ink on a film. I assumed a double-sided printer would need two ribbons to operate. Yet again, I was wrong.

My first purchase of an ID card printer - 2/5

At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. In this second post, Patricia finds out the differences between a direct-to-card printer and a retransfer solution.

"Calling ID Security Online was probably the best decision I had made thus far. I expected to be put on hold for hours, but that was not the case. I was immediately connected to a sales representative who walked me through my questions.

My first purchase of an ID card printer - 1/5

At ID Security Online, we value our customers' feedback. 

That is why we have decided to share with you the experience of one of our clients who needed to purchase an ID card printer for the first time. We hope that this series of 5 posts will help new buyers with their research of the right ID card solution.

"My name is Patricia Kreamer. Being the office manager of a small company has its benefits, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. For example, being asked to purchase an ID Card printer. 

Zebra ZXP Series 3 Industries and Applications

Compacted and ready to use, the Zebra ZXP Series 3 is a full featured high speed card printer  that can be integrated into standard ID Cards and access control applications. This affordable ZXP series 3 direct-to card printer is a suitable choice for applications where small space, minimal operator training and print quality are paramount.  This printer is ideal for deployment in educational institutions and retail outlets for ID card, gift card, loyalty card or membership card applications. The ZXP series 3 achieves fast print speeds and high image quality by utilizing ZRaster host based image processing technology and True Colours ix Series high-performance ribbons. This ID card printer offers a full suite of encoding options, including PC/SC and EMV-certified smart card encoding, over USB and Ethernet.  You can print on one or both sides of the card with high-quality color or monochrome images for a variety of applications.

Laminate Photo ID Cards

Why would I need to laminate my photo ID cards?

Firstly, what is a laminated card? A laminated card is a full color plastic card with Matt or Gloss lamination. Matt lamination is a thin coating on a card used to smooth out the printings on the card. This coating provides a soft and silky satin sheen high quality finish resulting in a more sophisticated card. It also allows the card to be more water resistant. It also extends the durability of your card. Gloss lamination forms a protective coating over the print which makes it suitable for items such as menus, cards, brochures etc. Gloss lamination also gives your card a more professional look. These type of plastic cards are used for  advertising a business, product, or a service. Lamination serves as a protection for your card. This process is beneficial to the cardholder that it prevents the fading and dye migration via sun exposure on your card. That way, you  won't have to reprint your card frequently thus saving you supply costs and time. Holographic lamination increases the security of your cards therefore preventing identity theft or unauthorized duplication of your card. How are laminated cards produced? Multiple cards must be printed on a large sheet. Then they are fed through a laminating unit which provides a thin sheet of laminate either on both or one side of the card. This procedure traps the card in between. Heat is then applied to seal the lamination.

Announcing the Arrival of the Evolis Primacy!

ID Security Online is proud to announce the arrival of the Evolis Primacy ID card printer!

The Primacy is an easy-to-use high-end printer and the ideal solution for identification badges, payment cards, student cards and transportation passes. Available in blue and red, single or double-sided and with or without encoding technologies, the Primacy comes with USB and Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity and boasts a pioneering 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Evolis Primacy prints a maximum of 210 cph (cards per hour) in color and 850 cph in monochrome, includes a 250-card capacity color ribbon cassette and has a 100-card capacity feeder and output hopper.

Further, the Primacy is user friendly, allowing the user to check the amount of cards in the printer so that you can load more into the front panel before the printing ends. It as well highly modular, allowing you to install encoding options via the Evolis website.

And for the green thumbs, Evolis Primacy has received ENERGY STAR certification, complies with ErP directives and consumes an average of 5 times less than earlier printers.

ID Security Online Implements Sleek Solutions for Customers

Businesses worldwide are constantly searching for quick, easy and efficient means of printing Photo ID badges. IDSecurityonline provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for companies’ ID card printing needs. 

 For companies and individuals looking for a quick easy solution, ranging from badge design to image capture and badge printing, IDSecurityonline is promoting its new simple ID Card Bundled System. IDSecurityonline’s solution combines the ID Card Printer, web cam, printer ribbons, card stock, and simple badge design software to make printing ID Cards easier then ever before.  IDSecurityonline’s bundled printing systems combine ease of use with a great price to ensure customer savings and satisfaction. 

 Additionally, ID Security Online has launched a New Membership program, which has made massive strides in providing both educational resources and ongoing discounts to customers.  New Members receive industry-related updates, promotional discounts on newly released products, and advice about keeping ID Card Printing equipment in optimal shape.

 “ID Security Online prioritizes the education of our customers to ensure that they make the most informed decision possible,” noted President of ID Security Online.  “We have tried to separate ourselves from typical e-commerce websites, where people are constantly harassed into making purchases, and there is little to no emphasis placed on what value each and every customer has.”

 With solutions such as ID Card Printer Bundles and Membership programs in place, ID Security Online has made major strides towards guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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