PassagePoint Visitor Management Software Integrations

The maker of PassagePoint Visitor Management Software — STOPware, Inc. — announced a few weeks ago several new integrations for its visitor management software. In particular, they’re adding new capabilities to deliver powerful improvements to managing visitors in schools, hospitals, government agencies, and other businesses.

Said Paul Terschuren, CEO of STOPware, Inc., “These innovative technologies are the result of working closely with both end users and reseller partners to identify the features and functions customers need to stay in compliance with changing security requirements.

Here are some of the integrations:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities. A new integration offers a powerful patient tracking module that adheres to the new Health Level 7 standard for patient information in hospitals. There is a real-time benefit to this new module that tracks patients in the hospital during check-in so that visitors can be pointed in the right direction. It also tracks the number of visitors a patient has received and how many are still on the premises in real time.
  • Governmental agencies. A new integration is designed to comply with the 3-step authentication process required by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12. The new module integrates PassagePoint PIV with Codebench PIVCheck to extract the data held on a PIV, TWIC, or CAC card, and then validates that with the cardholder’s PIN. The final step is an on-card biometrics matching sequence. Once those checks have been validated, PIVCheck Plus automatically creates the required information according to federal requirements in a format that PassagePoint Global Visitor Management software can process.
  • Schools and children’s hospitals. The manufacturer of PassagePoint partnered with a leading company in public records acquisition and created a module that automatically screens all visitors against a listing of sex offenders before clearing a person to enter. It instantly scans national and specific states’ live, real-time database of sex offender listings.

There is one more screening integration being offered through PassagePoint in partnership with MK Data. This integration allows you to screen visitors against the most comprehensive database of denied and restricted individuals, adding another layer of security measures. It lets you automatically notify security personnel if there’s a hit.

These integrations offer speed and accuracy in a single interface for scanning and tracking visitors. It allows real-time use of data available to help you keep your customers, employees, students, and others safe and secure. As PassagePoint continues to connect with other access control systems, you’ll see an even greater improvement in the security of buildings and corporate campuses while being able to lower overall costs.

Said Terschuren, STOPware’s CEO, “As security applications move toward higher levels of integration, STOPware continues to stay ahead of the curve by adding new capabilities to PassagePoint.”

At IDSecurityOnline, we offer a PassagePoint Global License. It gives you everything from email capability that lets you notify everyone during an emergency situation to automatic background checks on visitors when you enter their name. Plenty of other functionality is included in a system that is customizable to your particular needs and lets you view information pertinent to each specific location you have covered. You can even integrate PassagePoint with your existing security systems to activate access and print out a barcode for the visitor’s badge that restricts access to certain areas.

If you’re interested in knowing more about PassagePoint Global, please contact one of IDSecurityOnline’s knowledgeable security experts. We’d be happy to set up a demo so you can see the functionality of this powerful software program for managing your visitors.

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