How to take care of your blank PVC cards

Taking care of your blank white cards is critical to get the best quality at every print. Dust and debris on your cards can easily damage your ID card printer and result in poorly printed cards.

To make sure that you get the best out of your blank PVC cards, follow these steps:

  • Store your packs of cards in a clean, dust-free environment. Keep your cards in a temperature controlled area to avoid extreme heat or cold.
  • Unpack your cards only when you are ready to use them. Do not use a sharp object to open the shrink wrapping to avoid scratches on your cards.
  • Hold your cards by the edges. Do not touch the card surface as oils from your hands will transfer to the cards and reflect on the printed cards.
  • Fan your blank PVC cards before using them. Fanning will reduce static and help prevent the cards from sticking together.
  • If you drop a card, throw it away. Trying to clean it might only result in added damage to the card.
  • Clean your printer regularly: cleaning your printer, rollers, and printhead will reduce the risk of contamination by dust and dirt. Follow the cleaning recommendations of your card printer manufacturer.

Remembering these simple tips will help you print high-quality cards and protect your ID card printer.

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