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Match your business with the best that Photo ID Systems can offer

When thinking about what Identification system you need you have to think about your needs and the size of your business. Here, at photo ID Systems we put the systems in three categories to give an idea of what system might be right for you.

A Small Business

Might only need a low capacity system. A restaurant is doing a great job. The food is great and people talk about the place the whole time. Its on the map and is starting to get real recognition. The restaurant wants to start to launch its Friday spectacular events. The restaurant wants to send VIP cards so the front of desk knows whos who and where they should go. Additionally the management of the restaurant as well as their families who also need ID passes. These two groups might get two different cards with identifying information.  There are four machines that meet the needs for a smaller business.

You need a photo ID system!

Choosing the right card printer can be confusing and buying one comes with a series of questions: which software should I use? Which ribbon do I need to buy? Can I use any camera to capture photos? Which cards do I need?

This is why the easiest way to print your ID cards is to get an ID card system! At ID Security Online, we have already gone through all those questions and we have designed comprehensive photo ID systems to meet every requirement. Each system comes with a card printer, ID card software, web camera, color ribbon, and PVC cards.

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