Building a new HD studio in NYC.

At ID Security Online we listen to our customers and follow through on your requests. We had more requests for “How To” videos and that's why we are creating a video studio in house. By building the studio in house we will have a better opportunity to quickly create the quality videos that best serve our clients.

In order to provide you with the best possible HD quality videos we know that we need to get our products in the best possible light. We could shoot with some random office desk lamp, but we know that we could do better. As someone with years of experience working on both sides of the camera, lighting matters as much as sound quality and a steady tripod. This week we have updated our home studio in New York City with new lights and a new system for shooting high quality HD videos.

We hope these videos are helpful and make your life easier when getting your ID card printers set up. Feel free to comment on our YouTube page videos and let us know of any videos that you would like to request.

Thank You,

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