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Why Every Organization Should Start Laminating their ID Cards Now

Have you ever come across an old ID from a prior season of life? Perhaps it was a military ID, college ID or even former job. Chances are the only reason it is still around in pristine conditions is because it was laminated. Remarkably simple and yet objectively effective, laminating an ID not only secures it for the future but it provides substantial benefits today. Organizations ranging from large corporations to government agencies have a great deal to lose when their security is compromised. This has led the savvy organizations to opt for laminating ID cards due to the enhanced security options available. 

What does YMCKO stand for?

Whether you work in the corporate world, government or perhaps even a local high school, security has never been more important in this day and age. The threats to security are many and the human capital that passes through your building each day are some of your most precious assets. Thankfully, one of the simplest methods to enhance security has never been more accessible to organizations small and large alike. A comprehensive security ID card printer system puts the power in your hands. Unfortunately, if your boss delegated the power to order the printer ribbon into your hands then it might seem a little bit confusing. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.
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