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College ID Card Printing: The Need for Speed

Imagine you have 500 new incoming students and staff who are waiting in line for their school IDs to be issued.

Now imagine your ID card printer only prints 100 cards an hour. Thatís a long time standing in line and an even longer time for your staff who have to process each ID card.

While the need for speed is sometimes a paramount concern when issuing student ID cards, there are some other factors you need to consider before selecting the fastest printer on the market.

PassagePoint Visitor Management Software Integrations

The maker of PassagePoint Visitor Management Software ó STOPware, Inc. ó announced a few weeks ago several new integrations for its visitor management software. In particular, theyíre adding new capabilities to deliver powerful improvements to managing visitors in schools, hospitals, government agencies, and other businesses.

Said Paul Terschuren, CEO of STOPware, Inc., ďThese innovative technologies are the result of working closely with both end users and reseller partners to identify the features and functions customers need to stay in compliance with changing security requirements.Ē

Why School ID Cards are a Good Idea

Identification cards keep a school or campus safer for students and faculty because itís easy to instantly identify who belongs and who doesnít. Visitors are usually issued some form of temporary ID card to make them readily recognizable. In this way, itís immediately noticeable when someone doesnít have a valid reason for being in the school or on the campus.

There are few schools today that donít issue some kind of ID security card to staff and/or students, from elementary schools to large university campuses. Usually a security precaution, ID solutions run the gambit from a simple photo ID badge to a smart card with imbedded technology for multiple functionality.

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