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Fargo DTC4500 Card Industries and Applications

June 16 2011  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Fargo DTC4500 Card Industries and Applications

With its amazing set of features the Fargo DTC4500 ID card printer will fit in at multiple applications.  You can be sure with it’s ability to grow as you grow the Fargo DTC4500 ID card printer will still be a great fit for you years down the road. The Fargo DTC4500 is at home in a variety of applications including these:

  • Membership cards
  • Customer loyalty cards
  • Student IDs
  • Library cards
  • Mass transit cards

Contact us at IDSecurityOnline today at (800) 897 7024 to reorder supplies for your Fargo printer or to discuss your card printing needs.

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Evolis High Quality Printers

May 30 2011  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Evolis High Quality Printers

If you manage a health club, sports club, library, or an association you owe it to yourself to provide a membership card.   A leisure card identifies members, thanks to graphic personalization. It can also be used for controlling access to various facilities according to a user profile that can be encoded on a chip, a magnetic stripe or bar code.

Whether you are a sports club or a cultural association, all your members will identify themselves in a snap thanks to a card that spells sheer professional quality.

IDSecurityOnline carries a full line of Evolis membership card printers and supplies.  

Every day, the Evolis community of users leverage products designed with quality in mind. All card printers are engineered to provide:

  • Ease of use
  • Sturdiness
  • Reliability
  • Speed in operation
  • Flexibility

Contact us at IDSecurityOnline today at (800) 897 7024 to reorder supplies for your Evolis printer or to discuss your card printing needs.

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March 22 2011  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Our Clients

Who do we work with at ID Security Online?

ID Security Online has a lot of clients from Fortune 500 companies, to Gucci, to The Mets, to The New York Police Department. We like to help our clients grow as we grow in kind of a symbiotic relationship. One of those clients we think is really cool and growing quickly is Fashion GPS. We worked with Fashion GPS at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion show in January as they needed someone to help with their Event GPS services.

ID Security Online asked Fashion GPS to describe themselves in a nutshell. In their own words Events GPS “allows editors, photographers, stylists and TV crews to RSVP to multiple events at once on a single website.” If you would like to know more about Fashion GPS and their upcoming projects please check them out at:

ID Printer Wiz

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February 24 2011  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Planning to buy an ID card printer?

If you are planning to buy an ID card printer for your company, you will be surprised at the vast array of choices available in the market today. If you are not an ID card printing expert, your head will spin with the number of brands and types that you have to browse through before you can find the perfect choice. But if you equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about buying an ID card printer before you go out to shop for one in the market, it would be easier for you to narrow down your options and make an informed decision. Here are some of the things that you need to think about.

Color or Monochrome

In terms of color, there are two kind of ID card printer. One can print full color while the other can only print in monochrome. The advantage of the former is that it produces vibrant images and attractive designs. However, monochrome is quicker and more cost effective. It only takes about 5 seconds per each card and since you’ll only be using a single panel print, the cost is much lower than full color printing. Your choice between the two primarily depends on the nature of your company, budget, and preference. For example, if your company is a web/graphic design or animation company, it makes sense to invest on a full color card printer since the ID should be a reflection of what a company does.

Single or Dual Side Printing

Another consideration you have to make is whether you are going to print on the front side or on both sides. As the name implies, the single type printer will print only on the front side of the card. If you are definite that the IDs to be printed for your company will only require print on the front side, this can be the ideal option for you. The dual sided printer, meanwhile, has the advantage of printing on both sides of the ID. Obviously, this one is more expensive than the single side printer. Aside from the more expensive upfront cost, the dual sided ribbon used for this kind of printer is also pricier.

Quantity of Cards

You should also ask yourself how many ID cards you plan to be printed each year. If you are a small business, you would only need a few cards a month. But for a larger company, you need to invest on specialized printers that feature high capacity printing of cards. Printer that can accommodate a bigger quantity is more expensive but the investment is worth it.

Printer Brand

When it comes to brand, there is a wide variety of names on card printer manufacturers that you will get to know about when you go out into the market. Some of the well-known brands include Fargo, Zebra, Evolis, DataCard, and Magicard

ID Software

Aside from the printer itself, you should also consider planning your purchase if you intend to buy ID card software. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to make the right buying decision. Entry level ID card software is inexpensive but limited in its capabilities, for instance some software limits the number of data fields per card design. Other software will only allow a limited amount of data records, be aware you may have to up-grade to the next level at additional cost soon after your purchase.

If you plan to “network” the software and place it on multiple computers you will have to purchase a higher level of the software plus additional “site licenses” for each additional user.

The bottom line is to do your homework but do not hesitate to reach out to an expert in the field, most manufacturers will recommend a “partner” in your area that should ask the appropriate questions I listed above and guide you to the correct choices.

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February 24 2010  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Badge Clips

Badge Clips

With today's security conscious society one of the most common security measures taken in the workplace is the ID Badge. One cannot usually enter their place of work without showing their company ID badge to security. Some badges are even required to open doors and get past security gates. The constant need to have a security badge on the worker at all times can be inconvenient, one little tool that can make this effort easier is the humble badge clip.

Having a badge clip can make carrying a security badge easy and convenient. There are many types of badge clips available to meet company security standards and still have easy access to the badge while maintaining a sense of style.

A common badge clip is just a simple clip. You can thread it through a hole punched in your badge and then clip it onto your shirt, jacket, backpack, lunch bag, or whatever else is convenient for you. Just make sure it meets your company's standards for displaying your badge.

Another common use of a badge clip is to attach your badge to a lanyard. There are neck lanyards and wrist lanyards, although the neck lanyard is the most popular. This way your badge is always visible and available whenever you need it. Lanyards come in many styles and colors from simple plain colors such as red and blue to printed tiger stripe or your company logo prints.

Some lanyards are adjustable and some have a breakaway safety mechanism. Some also feature adjustable sliders and safety buckles. Another great way to carry your badge with you is with a retractable badge reel. What makes these so unique is that you can have your badge safely attached to your belt or jacket, but you can pull it to trigger a key card for locked security doors, that require a scan of an ID badge for entry. Once your scan is complete you just let go and the badge safely retracts to its original carrying position.

No matter how you attach you badge the badge clip is the main tool for easy badge accessibility and there are many types of clips to choose from, including simple badge clips and straps to magnetic badge clips, to bulldog and alligator clips. The important thing is that your workplace is secure while still being convenient for workers to access.

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February 23 2010  |  By: IDSecurityOnline

Badge Lanyards

Badge Lanyards

While many people may a choose badge clip, there are situations in some jobs where badge clips may not work out as well as you may want. Or maybe you are like me, and simply prefer the feeling of badge lanyard as opposed to a badge clip. Whatever your reason for wanting one, these badge lanyards are some of the finest that you will be able to find.

Why choose a badge lanyard over having a simple clip? I have worn clips quite often, and while I do not dislike them, there are a few things that I find better about lanyards than clips. First off, potentially the biggest one, is that I have a habit of losing things. During the hectic work day, I would often lose my badge while doing something important. The problem with the clip is that, I never realized when I lost it! While I have never lost my badge while wearing it on my lanyard, it would be very easy to notice when you have lost it. Perhaps even more important than this (for those of you who do not lose as many things as I do!) is the fact that lanyards are much easier to deal with than a clip. Just slip it on and forget about it!

There are many kinds of cheap lanyards out there, but some may come off easily, even when you do not want them to, causing you to lose your badge. Having a badge lanyard like that does you no good whatsoever -- you might as well not have one in those cases! But this type of badge lanyard is definitely one of the better ones. I have never had a problem with this type of badge lanyard slipping off when I did not want it to. This helps to ensure that I can spend more time worrying about my work responsibilities, as opposed to worrying about where I lost my badge!

All in all, I would rank these lanyards are being some of the best that I have ever seen. Whether you have a habit of losing things like me, need a convenient way of holding onto your badge, or whatever your reason, these lanyards are definitely the way to go. They easily earn five stars in my personal ranking book. I am sure that they will in yours, too, if you give them a try.

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